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"APECYD, your trustworthy partner in China"



Since 2006 APECYD manages its customers' purchasing projects in China.

SMEs, MNCs and inventors trust us to source and audit suppliers, follow up their productions, control the quality and take care of logistics.

APECYD is specializing in:

1. Sourcing (suppliers, sub-contractors and partners research). We work in cross industries, do not hesitate to contact us for your projects management. We take care of and control all the process: from research, audit and manufacture, to custom clearance and delivery.

2. Quality control, production follow-up and logistics.

3. Import in China.

APECYD looks over and controls research intensive processes, audits and manufacturing, right through to custom clearance and delivery.

Our solutions:

- Yearly subscription: your own buying office in China!

- Per day or per container package deals: you already have suppliers in China and we manage your projects.

- Trading: you buy directly from our products lists.

Our Franco-Chinese team includes experienced consultants: Project Managers, Engineers, Quality Managers, Sourcing Experts ... This allows us to provide clients with the highest level of quality, to ensure state of the art technical competencies for industrial projects and to guarantee customers a zero risk warranty for your deliverable's manufacturing in China.

APECYD' commitments:

- Solutioning for all customer demands resulting from local market knowledge base

- Reactivity

- The quality of service from a Small business oriented structure

- The best quality/price/service on the market

- On time - Quality Focused Delivery for all Customers across the board

Join today the club of companies that are working in China without bad surprises!



Before contacting us:

Buying in China requires larger quantities and longer delivery time than in Europe. Our services are shaped for importers, manufacturers and companies having serious buying or manufacturing projects in China.

Enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to contact us

Capitalize today on economic revovery:
Cost cutting and better strategy imply to outsource your procurement in China.

APECYD wishes you a great year of the dragon!


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